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Tomcat® EDGE® HD Floor Machine - 20" HD, 110V/60hz

Item # TOM EDGE20HD110

Ideal for chemical free stripping of most floor finishes and is made in the USA. The "ST" model's super duty 1.5 hp motor runs at 1725 rpm, allowing it to operate quietly and without knocking up dust. The "HD" models heavy duty 1.5 hp motors runs at 3450, for increased productivity. Square corners allow it to work into corners that are missed by traditional "round" pads. Environmentally friendly "dry strip" approach is safer for the earth and operator by eliminating harsh chemicals and slippery conditions. Built to work "Wet" also, for traditional use. These surface preparation machines give operators the ability to remove multiple layers of finish, without using chemicals. Handlebar: 12 gage steel, adjustable.